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Kigali Convention Centre
18 - 20 October 2023

Africa in Numbers

  • Trade volume that has reached 186.5 billion dollars in the last decade

  • A market that has grown 5 times larger in the last 13 years

  • Trade activities that have grown 7 times larger in the last 13 years

  • The youngest population in the world with fast growth and urbanization
    Africa’s current population of around 1.3 billion people, which is the youngest one in the world, is expected to reach 1.7 billion by 2030. More than 80 percent of this growth will occur in cities, which will turn Africa into the fastest-urbanizing region in the world.

  • Offering significant opportunities for investment in infrastructure
    Africa is filling its infrastructure gap. Africa’s annual investment in infrastructure has doubled to around $80 billion a year since the beginning of this century, which represents a big opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to solve Africa’s infrastructure challenges.


The leading company of the trade fair industry, CNR Holding, holds distinct exhibitions dedicated to different sectors adopting a modern and global vision at Kigali Convention Centre. Featured as one of the largest convention centres in the region and the latest and most comprehensively designed facility in Eastern Africa, Kigali Convention Centre provides multi-functional and various facilities for business, leisure, and events with a large capacity of over 2.600 guests.

Information on COVID-19

Please comply with the COVID-19 measures taken for exhibitions and venue facilities to ensure safety for participants. The implementation of these measures is supported and monitored by the Rwanda Development Board Tourism Department and the Rwanda Convention Bureau.

    Handwashing with soap or using hand sanitizers is mandatory. All the necessary sanitary equipment is available at all the venue entrances and exits.


    The 1-meter distancing between guests queuing at each desk is observed. Seats are placed at least 1.5m and tables 2m away from each other to enhance the protection of individuals.


    The use of masks is mandatory for all delegates and organizers at all times.


    70% room/space capacity is respected for gatherings at any event premises. The number of staff working at a particular event is limited.


    Organizers and venues must provide awareness signage at all entrance and contact points. Guidelines and procedures on COVID-19 are strictly implemented by means of an efficient form of communications (email, announcements, screen ads, signage, pamphlets, etc.).

Access and Accommodation



Located in the heart of Central and East Africa, Kigali has easy access to bordering countries.

The Kigali Convention Centre is located 5 km from the bustling city centre and the Kigali International Airport (KGL). Kigali city centre is a 10-minute drive from Kigali Convention Centre and 15 minutes to the Kigali International Airport.

The advantageous location of the Kigali Convention Centre is also in close proximity to the government and corporate offices as well as local landmarks and attractions.



EXPO TOUR presents its long-standing experience in accommodation to Rwanda and provides special prices and quality services special for Gateway to Africa Exhibitions.

Please click the link below for further information.

Shipment and Logistics


Imperial Turkey Lojistik Ticaret A.Ş.

Address: 42 Maslak Plaza, Ahi Evran Cad. No:6
Yatay Ofis 3, Kat:2 No:3
Sarıyer 34485, İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Telephone: +90 444 1 639

E-mail: [email protected]


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